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Europe is facing series challenges, as a result of the economic and financial crisis: there are more than 25 million unemployed and according to the European Commission the small and medium enterprises are still recovering with slow rates. One of the possible positive ways to develop economics is the creation of conditions, which purpose is to stimulate the Youth Entrepreneurship. This way there will be generated new employers, employees and enterprises, opened new markets, stimulated development of new skills and made economic more innovative and competitive. The entrepreneurship’s spirit has key importance for starting a small businesses, which are 99% of the enterprises in the EU and provides every 2 of 3 employees in the private sector, creating more than 4 million new places for work every year.

This is why the main objective of Project 2014-1-BG01-KA205-001633 “Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Youth (EIY)”, is encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit for higher employment and initiating of business enterprises, which directly corresponds to the priorities of the “Erasmus +” Programme.

Specific Goals of the Project are:

  •  Improving of the basic skill and competences in the field of entrepreneurship;
  •  Sharing experience and good practices and establishing new business contacts;
  •  Stimulating of imitativeness and creativity in the young people for starting their own business.

The entrepreneurship is a process, which defines the starting of a new enterprise or updating a created one. It is considered as one of the main engines of increased productivity and economic growth, based on innovations.

The entrepreneur thinking is a key element of the economic growth and a compulsory condition for sustainable local and regional development and social rapprochement. To support the development of the entrepreneur competences for starting a new enterprise and for the qualitative implementation of the goals, this project is focusing the following activities:

  •  Analysis: „Research of the entrepreneurship and the factors for development of youth enterprises”

The analysis will examine the prerequisites for starting and renovating business in Bulgaria and Italy. It will also present the main factors in starting business in both countries: regulatory framework, market conditions, culture and specific characteristics, access to finance (European and national funds).

  • Designing and Implementing of 2 exhibitions of Young Entrepreneurs in Bulgaria and Italy;

Such events are very suitable for sharing and exchanging of experience, innovative ideas and concepts, as well as to establish useful business contacts. They are a tool for promoting economic and trade relations between the participants.

  • Publishing a Guide of the Youth Entrepreneurs.

Its basis will be the analysis carried out and good practices of Bulgarian and Italian entrepreneurs shared the exhibitions.

The project has started in October 2014. The duration of the project is 17 months. The project partners are Organization for Scientific and Practical Development of the Students (ONPRS) – Bulgaria and Association “A Rocca” – Italy.

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PROJECT 2014-1-BG01-KA205-001633 "Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Youth"
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