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Business Communication Duplicate model

Sofia, Bulgaria 2015

Organization for Practical and Development of the Student would like to invite you to participate in an innovative activity which is going to be held in Sofia, soon. In an informal atmosphere, each participant will have the opportunity to exchange information with the other participants within 5-7 minutes. The main idea of this type of event is to present, whatever you think is most relevant, and useful important, concise and clear within a few minutes. Each participant will have a limited time to exchange information with the person across him and to assess whether, the info can be useful professionally. Participants will be introduced to all present people and after the time is up, they will be able to communicate freely.

The local event will be held at betahaus, Sofia – Krum Popov 56-58 str. Sofia 1421.

Here is a link to the registration: link

If you are young and interested in participating in this type of event and you wish to challenge yourself, and at the same time, find potential new partners and friends, check out our website for updates.

PROJECT 2014-1-BG01-KA205-001633 "Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Youth"
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